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Renditions by Reilly

5 May

Rendition’s by Reilly  A re-post from 10/25/2012

By now, if you are one of my readers, you know that my oldest son, Reilly, is quite the character. I am sure you have discovered that he loves to sing {and if you haven’t well just continue to read… you’ll soon find out}. He amazes me and he is pure awesome at times. His joyous mouth will sing whatever he can remember hearing on the radio, the TV or any words he decided to make up as he goes along. He will even add his own lyrics to an already popular song. Thus being how I came to realize that it’s probably best that we stop letting him listen to Toby Keith. Nothing good comes from letting your fi ve-year-old listen to songs like “I love this bar”, “Whiskey Girl” and that one about him talking about shoving a boot up someone’s ass. Yeah, probably not the best thing to let a mimic-parrot-type personality, like Reilly, listen to. Well I guess I can’t help it. I
love Country music and I don’t have anything against a little Toby Keith, especially his newest single that is making all the rage “Red Solo Cup”. It’s a classic song for anyone who has ever picked up the wrong cup at a Kegger Party in High School and instantly vomited when what you thought was your beer turned out to be a spit cup for those way too young to be chewing tobacco. A classic song that will always remind me to write my name on my cup and not go picking up strange cups because I “thought it was mine”.

Lesson. learned. Moving on.

My son is way too young to know what a “spit cup” is and so that important life lesson shall come a bit later in his life. So until then, he continues to serenade all who surround him. Especially when we are driving in the car. It’s his place to belt it out and let it all go, as it is for most of us.

“Yeah mom! I love this song! Can you turn it up please!? Mom. Mom. Mom…… MOM!!!!!!”

“What Reilly? I’m right here dude. You don’t have to scream.”

“I just REALLLLLLLLLLLLY love this song, can you turn it up so I can hear it?!”

“Reilly, it’s loud enough, son. Your brother is trying to sleep”

“Buuuuuuut I CAN’T HEAR IT!!!!!!!”

“Well if you stop using your mouth and use your ears then maybe you can hear it. Annnnnnd stop yelling, your brother is trying to sleep dude”

“Ugh!” (he folds his arms together) “fi ne, I’ll be quiet, but I don’t like that….(pause, silence for a split moment)…..MOM!!!! My song is over! My perfect-est song is OVER! oh man!!!! Now I’ll never be able to hear it ever again”

I give him “The Look” from my rear view mirror…. “Well if you weren’t wasting all that time talking and yelling then maybe you would have been able to listen to it….”

“Yeahhh…… “
The next song comes on….

“Oh MOM! mom. mom. mom!!!! I love this song!!! Can you turn it up!!!!!!!…………”


This is how our car rides go, everyday.

It’s a never-ending battle. I have tried to upload the newest songs that he likes on his iPod, but they are “never the right ones”. When he does get his way in the car and I turn it up and we all jam out together he refuses to let that song be over. He will carry on and on and on AND ON with that song way past its “I’m sooo over it already” phase.

Take the “Red Solo Cup” song by Toby Keith, one of Reilly’s favorites and the beginning to my “good parenting” demise. He won’t stop singing that song. This, my friends, is where you are welcomed to get a sneak peek into my Reilly’s World. Please turn up your speakers and have a listen to what I deal with on a daily basis…. okay, so I might be a little encouraging, but who doesn’t want their child to be a rock star?


You’re Welcome
I’m sure if you are related to Reilly, He made you super proud! I’ll let him know….

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