About Me

I am April.

I am impulsive, firery, less than perfect and tend to write about it.

I am an inspiring story-teller/writer who wants nothing more than to remember what I did yesterday {thanks blog!}. My daily life is 9782_481311451939774_1080785098_nsurrounded by my two little boys, who are in command of almost everything I do.

I do, however, take time for myself and I can be found whipping up a few creations in the kitchen for my business, Ohana Sweet Treats.

I love to make fun of everything, including myself… there’s nothing better! I learn from my kids just as much as they learn from me and I am truly convinced that they shall grow up before I do.
Apart of me is okay with that!

Every Day In April is my life. It’s a mixture between my past, my present and future.

I am trying to learn new things every day about being a better mom and wife (if just being a mom and wife isn’t hard enough) and business owner!


“I am striving to do things better;
Or… fuck up trying.
These are my thoughts,
my stories and my memories…

…according to me.”


Thanks for reading and following
along every day with me.
Life is quite the adventure!

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