Imperfect is just perfectly normal to us

9 Mar

I’ve never been “normal”, to say the least.

I’ve also never been able to follow the wake of someone else. I create my own wake.

I’ve learned that it’s a lot more enjoyable to be who you are, even when people may or may not understand.

I get loud. Really loud. Uncomfortably loud at times.

Things come out of my mouth that could possibly make you blush or make you squirm… or even make you pee your pants. That’s just me.

I love being who I am. I love being comfortable with who I am. It reflects to my children to understand that it’s okay to be comfortable with who they are and not who someone wants them to be.

In life, it’s okay to be silly.

It’s okay to want to stick your tongue out at the camera even during a family photo shoot. Nothing in life is perfect. Nothing is a reflection of perfectly still children and perfect little smiles. That’s just not real. It’s not perfection that we strive for, it’s the beauty knowing that imperfect is just perfectly normal to us.


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