All things yellow and green

4 Apr

The month of April has crept up on me. It’s a full month for our family and we started off this month by celebrating my youngest son’s 3rd birthday. He is my April Fools Day baby, which is hilarious in more ways than one.

Like most 3-year-old boys, my son is obsessed with tractors. Tractors all day, every day. He will loudly warn every one in the car to not miss any upcoming tractors that we drive by at least 6 times in one day. We live in a small town, so he has every tractor mapped out and knows them by heart. He is my “all things yellow and green” boy.

So, of course it’s only fitting that this year I made him a tractor cake for his actual birthday.


I used a technique I hadn’t before:  Buttercream Transfer. It turned out okay, not the greatest, but I guess I did pretty well for it being my first try at it. You definitely need a steady hand, and my hand, like this blog, is very impulsive and can be steady one minute and then BAM! I get all cocky and out of nowhere it will shake… ugh! So I guess I had to take a bit longer than normal to get it looking half decent. Everything you see on the cake is edible. I am a firm believer that if you are going to make a cake, people should actually be able to eat it… decor and all.

I made a two layer white small round cake and dyed half of it green and the other half yellow. So the inside matched the outside in color. I layered it with a no-bake cheesecake and crushed up Oreo cookies. I did a basic vanilla buttercream dyed yellow and green. I rolled out Tootsie Rolls and made the fence. I piped “grass” around the fence area. Topped off with a buttercream tractor transfer and a John Deere logo transfer (which I did both by hand).

This cake was a hit!

My son couldn’t stop talking about his tractor cake. Even his last words, before he fell asleep that night, were “Ohhh tractor cake”. Melted my heart. Makes it all worth it. I love baking, but when I see the joy it brings to others, it makes my love for it grow that much more.

I will post more in-depth details about this cake ANNNNND my other cake that will be finished tomorrow. Yes, I am doing another tractor cake for his party, I just can’t resist! Come back to see more pictures, recipes and impulsiveness!

Happy Baking!

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