Harold and Kumar go to Taco Bell

29 May

The only reason I’d ever apply to Taco Bell would be for the Cheesy Gordita Crunch too! We have so much in common!

I bet the Harold and Kumar franchise could bank on this!

Seriously, picture this: the stoned duo get lost one night, and in the distance they see Taco Bell {not White Castle} and while tripping on shrooms they decide to “think outside the bun” and in great haste they run to the doors and in all happiness and disbelief that they even made it that far, they request the cheesiest Gordita Crunch that was ever made and they were not disappointed… the end.

Oh and you can throw in some alcohol, a scene with Neil Patrick Harris, a hooker or David Hasslehoff… BAM!


I  mean, who actually “desires” to be paid minimum wage?

Well played probably stoned out of his mind applicant. Well played.

taco bell


I too, am not disappointed.



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