Valentines Day Cocktails!

5 Feb

It’s that moment when you sit up from the toilet, wipe your mouth from the remains, pop a few aspirin in hopes it will slay the monsters in your head and think to yourself  “I am never drinking again”….

I have been there {and I’m guessing you might have too}, but yet I always come back for more. It’s like going through the pain of natural child-birth and daring to have sex again. It’s just the pull of the universe. Or, it’s just me. I dare take that chance and not think about the outcome one too many times. But, here I am… day 5 with not having as much as a swig! not even to wash down that horrible sheep I just ate.

It was my plan to not drink during the month of February that had a lot of people raising their eyebrows at me. “Are you pregnant?’; “She must be an alcoholic.”  Sorry to disappoint you, but “no”, to all of those ridiculous questions! To be honest with you, I knew I needed to stop drinking for a bit. Not for any other reason than the fact that I “can quite whenever I want” {plus, February is the shortest month}. If you know me, or have read along on my blog you will know that I have a special place in my heart for beer. It’s just one of those things. I love the craft that is beer, the history and process. So, this month is me proclaiming that I can rise above my love of beer, and in hopes that my 100 crunches a day will decrease my beer gut {yes, don’t fool yourself. It in fact is a beer gut}.

I did, however, have one small exemption for my “no drinking for the month”; Valentines Day. I told my husband that Valentines Day doesn’t count. It just wouldn’t be fair to have to deal with all the mushy love crap being  sober. If I wasn’t able to have a drink or two, who would eat the box of chocolate? And I know for a fact that the “I love you card” wouldn’t be as entertaining. Tell me that!! So I’ve decided to help myself for my one day of drinking this month and plan ahead of what I shall indulge in. I have a few options that I found and I have posted them here for you, because well lets face it, there are other things on your mind then whipping up a nice cocktail for Valentines Day! You can try them ahead of time to make sure they will be perfect for your V-Day {not to be confused with V-Day dedicated to vagina’s, that’s a whole ‘nother drink}. I will not be able to test mine a head of time, unless the baby can stay awake for longer than one sip this time… {hehe}

Martini’s are sexy, there’s no doubt about that, but Cosmopolitan’s are even better! Get your romance started by cheers-ing to one of these!

Cosmopolitan Raspberry Twist



4 fluid ounces Smirnoff raspberry vodka, chilled in freezer {chill your liquor, please, I beg you}
1 fluid ounce triple sec
1 fresh lime juice
3 fluid ounces cranberry juice
2 frozen raspberries
2 slices fresh limes


1. Put all ingredients into a shaker add as much ice as you can and give a good shake.
2. Pour straight up in a chilled martini glass.
3.Garnish with lime slices and frozen raspberries which helps keep it chilled.

or find this recipe here


Scarlet O’Hara Cocktail

images (1)


2 oz Southern Comfort
Dash of lime juice
Cranberry Juice {to taste}
Lime wedge for garnish


1. Pour the Southern Comfort and lime juice into a glass filled with ice.
2. Fill remaining with cranberry juice.
3. Garnish with wedge of lime

Or find out more about this drink here


Sorbet and Champagne Cocktail



1 teaspoon sorbet {we like raspberry or passion fruit}
Chilled Champagne or Prosecco
Fresh Raspberries or other fruit


1. Scoop sorbet into a champagne flute. Fill with chilled Champagne or Prosecco; stir
2. Stir in fresh Raspberries or other fruit to taste to garnish {optional}

Add some HEAT!
This is sure to get rid of that cold shoulder…

Grand Rum Toddy

Horni Toddy - Hornitos Tequila Cocktails


1 1/2 oz rum
3/4 oz Gran Gala or Grand Marnier orange liqueur
1/4 oz lime juice
Hot water to fill
Lime wedge for garnish


1. In an Irish coffee glass {or coffee mug}pour the liquors and lime juice
2. Top with hot water
3. Stir
4. Garnish with a lime wedge

And let the heat begin!

find out more about this drink here

Hope you can enjoy one of these drinks this Valentines Day! I know I will, enjoy. one. or. two. of. these….


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