I’ve changed for a minute

30 Jan

Hey fancy fellow followers! {say that 20 times fast}

I am just changing up my site for a bit. To be frankly honest with you, I was tired of spending big money for a stupid host that charged me and arm and a leg just for a simple blog. Yeah, you could say i’m “sticking it to the man”. But come to find out, you don’t need some big time web host to have a writers edge… no, in fact you can just keep doing exactly what you have been doing all a long. Let’s get smart people! So here I am, after my contract was up with my host. To renew or not renew… that was the question. I think you know my answer. I will in fact be going back to my everydayinapril.com website, but for now, I will just have to make due with this one.

If you are reading this, THANK YOU for following me and laughing along side of me {or at me, that works too}.

Until we meet again!


Love and Aloha,

April Reid

Every Day In April

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