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I want the crunch!

7 Mar

It’s Friday and I think that it’s a perfect night for tacos. Crunchy taco’s in fact. Screw those boring, give-nothing-back, plain ol’ soft tacos. Where’s the fun in… soft?

But, damn! All I have are these soft corn tortillas.

Ugh… what to do.

Sure, I could spend plenty of time, wasting away over a pan full of hot grease, suffering of hunger, frying up some soft shells to my desired crispy-ness…

But why? Exactly.

Here’s a tip for those of you wanting to have that crunch, even when you’re stuck with soft!

Here’s my plain, not so crunchy, soft corn tortillas… boooo…… boring!


Now, this is what I do…

I place them in the oven.




Not just laying flat, no. You have to “tuck” the sides under the rack… leaving two rack spaces in between… {rack spaces? Yeah, whatever they are}

Which should look like this…




Fit as many as you can, I can get about 4 in my oven.

Heat oven to 350°

The tortillas will droop on the sides and start to brown, watch for desired “crispy-ness”

You should end up with…



A crunchy taco! Waaaaahhhhlaaaa! Magic, I know!

A perfect, and EASY way to turn your soft tacos into crunchy ones. Annnd, if I do say so myself, the perfect “boat” for holding epic deliciousness.

Like this…



Stay crunchy my friends.



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