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You will love cake

22 Apr

My mother asked me yesterday {during a conversation we were having about birthdays} what my most memorable birthday was to date. I instantly remembered my 10th birthday party at Family Fun Center {back when it was cool} in Escondido, California. I remember that birthday not only for the awesome rides and killing it at Whack -a-Mole and Skiball, but for my “oh my god guys! Look how awesome! Annnnnd its alllll mine!”…. Aladdin birthday cake!!

I instantly was reminded of how I felt that day and how excited I was to be turning 10, double-digits son! It was a glorious year! I even got to finally get my ears pierced. I think about that cake and it floods a lot of memories back and I can’t help but go back to being 10 again… my first boy crush, a brave new outlook on heights {by finally going on the Ferris Wheel and not peeing my pants} and learning that you should never slide into 3rd base {wearing shorts} while playing baseball in the street – I got goosebumps just now remembering how painful it was pulling gravel out of my thighs and arms that day.

Then, this got me thinking even more… {weird, a thought leading to another thought! Oh GAWDDDD! When does it all end!!!}

You know how some people can relate to music as a way to remember a certain time in their lives? For an example, some people can think of Puff Daddy and Biggy Smalls and go back to being in the 7th grade. I use the same technique, but with my birthday cakes. You may wonder, “What person remembers their birthday cakes from years and years ago?”… It may be a strange thing to you, but its no “pull-my-finger” joke to this cake-loving gal! I love birthday cakes {probably more than most} and I guess I am just now realizing that this could possibly be the reasoning behind my psychotic { love/hate } birthday cake remembrance. I am afraid it’s a battle I surely won’t win, I am a sucker for birthday cakes!

One piece of my life’s puzzle complete! Peace at last! Annnnd to think, I just thought I was losing my mind over birthday cakes for no apparent reason. It all makes perfect sense. { Now I can get off all my crazy pills at last!!!}

I know what matters to me and well, shit… if it matters THAT much to me, then by golly it’s going to matter to EVERYONE in my family! {mostly my kids} Because, weather they want it/like it/or not, they WILL have a birthday CAKE and they WILL LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT! Got it?! {Crazy eyebrow lift and big eyes!}

I hope that one day my family will think back on a birthday and remember their cake and in hopes it will remind them of what it felt like to be 6, 10, 18, 30 or even 55 again!


You will love cake, I command it!!!!

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