UPS needs to hire a dog

12 Jun

The town I did a lot of  “growing up” in is a small town, a country town, an “I have waayyyyy too many animals in my bed” town. A “we all know when you lost your virginity” town. “The best thing to do on a Friday night is fill up your kiddie pool with spaghetti and red sauce and when that doesn’t work fill it with dirt and water and have yourselves a redneck mud wrestling contest”,  small town {note to self: sift through dirt before adding to water. Rocks hurt, even when drunk}.

One of my best friends lives in that small town and is one of those people with a lot of pets. When she posted this picture of a note she came home too I had to forward it along to all of you.

It’s funny.

It’s my kind of humor.

My guess is that it was her Dog JackAss… but in that group of canine retards you never know who is the brightest crayon in the box. Ya know?!


Well give that damn dog a brown suit, matching truck, benefits and pay it with Scooby Snacks, people!



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