I want to be Lennon and Maisy…

27 Apr

When I see little girls doing stuff like this, I wonder where my parents went wrong. I could have totally been a star… ugh – flush that down the toilet. Thanks guys…. just kidding….

No, but seriously.

These girls from Nashville {how convenient, right?} are trending so HOT right now! Amazing voices blended with cute faces, how can you not like them?! I am ashamed I haven’t heard of them sooner. One reason it’s so hard to get rid of my Facebook account, for finding gems like this!

I used to want to learn to play the guitar, I had one growing up, but I just couldn’t quite learn how to play with only two strings, that was challenging! My friend and I used to pretend that we were DJ’s from a local radio station and record our favorite songs on tapes. “KYXY Loooonger Listening”. We used to belt out classics by Garth Brooks, Mindy McCready, Faith Hill, Pam Tillis {MAYBE IT WAS MENPHIS!!!} knowing that one day maybe we could be bad asses. We were destined to be stars! At least that’s what we thought… oh well. Take that penny back from the wishing well and save it for another unachievable dream – maybe like wanting to learn to play the fiddle – A girl can dream can’t she?!

Just because I didn’t get to become a famous, web-sensation, singer, doesn’t mean that I can’t bask in the glory of,  or secretly envy, those who are! Enjoy!


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