Lego Cake


Wanna make a sweet Lego Cake?

My son, like EVERY little boy I know, is obsessed with Lego’s. Actually,I don’t even think the word ”obsessed” does him justice about how he feels about the tiny building blocks. I, however, am not a fan of them. There’s nothing pleasant about getting your ass beat by a 5 year-old at ”who can build the best airplane with Lego’s”. He gets all intricate and puts moving propellers, landing gear and such. Whereas my airplane has no moving parts and looks similar to a kite.


He beats me every time! Not only am I “Lego challenged” {yes, do the quotation gesture with your two bunny fingers, it’s a  must}. I used to have a bad habit of vacuuming them up and not fishing them out later. “Ooooh whhhooops! Reilly, I don’t know what happened to the miniature Lego version of Harry Potter and his Lego spider…”Lie! But a few days ago I did the math and let me tell you, these suckers aren’t cheap! Example, my son just got a Lego set of 255 pieces that cost $38.00 {and half of them are so small you can’t even see them with a magnifying glass! annnnnnd who was the bright person who wanted those small ones clear colored!!! We. Will. Have. Words.Later.}… this comes out to be….and if you’re “math challenged” like me,you are using your computers calculator just as I am this very second. Don’t worry, I’ll wait for your calculator to open….
So It comes out to be about 14.9 cents per Lego, and here I was just vacuuming up… GOLD! Lesson learned, I will not throw away any more Lego’s. Unless, of course, you hear me cuss and scream in the wee-hours of the night because I stepped on one heading to the bathroom. Damn that hurts!!! I like to throw things when I’m mad. Have you ever tried to throw a small Lego?It’s like trying to slam a door that has enough resistance that it won’t slam right. Pisses me off! Grrrrrr, makes me mad just thinking about stepping on one!!


My son and his fanatical Lego ways are everywhere and there was no surprise when I asked him what kind of cake he wanted me to make him for his birthday this year. He yelled out ”A LEGO CAKE”. I have been making my son’s cakes for every birthday and I don’t plan on stopping, but, truth be told, I was set back on the Lego cake idea.I was confused on what to do. But, what my boys ask for, I do everything in my power to make it happen for them. There was so many idea’s and ways of making a Lego cake! I didn’t have much time, so I settled on a basic, simple Lego cake, which I am going to tell you how to make!

So if you have a LEGO loving kid in your family this will be right up your ally!

What you will need:

  • 2 boxed cake {I used two different flavors}
  • Oil – for cake mix
  • Eggs – for cake mix
  • Water – for cake mix
  • Cake filling of some-sort. Homemade or store can bought.
  • Large marsh-mellows
  • White frosting. Homemade or store bought. {If store bought, buy 2 or 3 cans of white/cream cheese frosting. Empty frosting into a mixing bowl and beat on high speed until the frosting is fluffy and almost double in size.}
  • Food coloring {I used gel colors: blue, yellow, red and green}
  • A large knife to cut the cakes in half. I used a bread knife.
  • A large plate or cutting board to “build” your cake on and display it, covered in foil. Make sure it fits in the fridge!
  • Patience

First, start off by baking your boxed cakes before hand so that they can cool over night or at least a few hours. Cooled cakes are WAY easier to work with and cut in half. I baked my cakes in a casserole dish, about a 9×11. You could use anything that is big and long enough since you will be cutting out the pieces anyway.

I figured out that I was going to use FIVE ”Lego pieces” for my cake and drew up a layout on how I wanted them to go. You can add more Lego blocks to your design if you need to feed more people.
I then cut my cake up in the five different Lego shapes.
——> IMPORTANT: Make sure they are the same size in width, just like real Lego’s.

I did two that were 8 Lego pegs long, one 6, one 4 and one 2. I used the two 8-pegged longer ones and the one longer 6-peg to make up the base.


Lego cake base with the two 8’s on bottom

Once I had all my pieces cut out and matching in width, I sliced them in half to add my filling. I used a strawberry filing, but you can do whatever your little one likes! There is no limit on what you can fill the cake with!  If you don’t have time to whip up a filling, a can of classic pie filling, that you can buy from a store, is good too!


Cut cake with strawberry filling

I lined one of our HUGE cutting boards with foil to hold the cake. Once all pieces were filled with the strawberry in the middle I put the cakes in the refrigerator to cool and “stiffen” up a bit {again, this makes it easier to frost}. Once cooled enough I laid out my bottom layer of the cake, leaving the smaller 2 pieces in the fridge. I lined up the two 8 pegged one’s and the one 6 and frosted them blue, red and yellow, then returned them to the fridge. I took out the 2 smaller pieces and frosted them blue and green {use whatever colors you like!}. I used big marsh-mellows cut in half for the peg part of the Lego’s and I did the smaller ones first because they would go on top. Now, you can either frost the marsh-mellows separate or frost them all together. I tried both ways and It seemed to be easier to frost them separate then add them on top then fix  any areas that need touch up after.

Note: I have always made my own frosting, I’m a BIG cream cheese frosting type of person {I use gel-food coloring to dye the colors I want}, but any ol’ frosting will do. Just make sure you like it before you frost the WHOLE cake with it!


Marsh-mellow’s cut in half work great!

Once the two smaller pieces were frosted and had their marsh-mellows I laid them on top of the bottom layers of the cake. Making sure to make it even and enough space for the “connecting” parts of the Lego. The last thing I did was frost the marsh-mellows for the bottom layers and placed them accordingly. Again, making sure to make the effect of them being “connected”.

Note: If you are taking longer than expected to frost the marsh-mellows, refrigerate the cake to avoid the top two smaller Lego’s from “sagging”. That’s a note to myself as well, because I didn’t do that and my small blue Lego sagged! ugh!


Finished Lego Cake!

——->TIP: For a more slick and ”finished” looking Lego Cake, use cornstarch and rub some on your *clean* fingers and gently smooth out the frosting. This will  “form” out your frosting making it look more professional and fondant like. This does take time and practice, but if you have the time and think you’re up for it, DO IT. It will look awwwww-some! I didn’t have the time to do it with mine this time, but have had many successful looking cakes due to this secret!

Display cake until ready to serve! Or if you live where it’s hot or humid, I recommend leaving it in the fridge until it’s time to show it off!

Simple, easy and a HUGE hit with any Lego loving kid!

Happy Baking!!!

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